August Sunday Spin Rota

AUG Leader Rota 5/8/2018 12/8/2018 19/8/2018 26/8/2018
  9 am Rose Tully Paul Flynn Alan Kelly Con Lee
10 am (A) John Delorey Hugh Clancy Ann Osborne Seamie Clifford
10 am (B) Nora Redmond Loressa Tymon Pam Scanlon John Delorey
10 am (C) Geraldine Delorey Martin Keville Caroline Brennan Geraldine Delorey


SEPT Leader Rota 2/9/2018 9/9/2018 16/9/2018 23/9/2018
  9 am Rose Tully Paul Flynn Alan Kelly Con Lee
10 am (A) John Greene Seamie Clifford Martin Keville Hugh Clancy
10 am (B) Carmel Scott Nora Redmond Caroline Brennan John Greene
10 am (C) Ann Osborne Pam Scanlon Loressa Tymon Carmel Scott



Groups Average speed – kph
  9 am 26-plus
10 am (A) 23-25
10 am (B) 20-22
10 am (C) 18-19




Innisfree Wheelers – (Sligo IT) Sunday Spin Leaders for 2018:


  • Con Lee, Paul Flynn, Rose Tully, Alan Kelly


  • John Greene, Pam Scanlon, Caroline Brennan, Seamie Clifford, Martin Keville, Carmel Scott

Geraldine Delorey, John Delorey, Nora Redmond, Loressa Tymon, Anne Osborne, Hugh Clancy.


  • Each leader to decide a route and upload the route details (incl. coffee stop

and total distance) on Innisfree Wheelers Facebook on Fri/Sat (email the route

details to facebook@innisfreewheelers.com and it will be uploaded to the Club

Facebook page).