Sunday Spin Rota October – November

NOTE; 9am Sunday Spin from 14th of October 2018 until 15th of February 2019 will be at a “winter pace” i.e. All riders use only the small chain ring ensuring an even pace for spinning throughout the winter. Pace will be steady from 23kph to 27kph average. Distances will vary also only from 70km to 90km – ensuring that we all return to base on or before 1pm.

We would encourage riders from the current 10am “A” group to join us for the winter and make the transition to improve riding techniques, regular up and over changes and gentle hill-climbing techniques.

LEADER ROTA for October November 2018

SEP/OCT Leader Rota 30/9/2018 7/10/2018 14/10/2018 21/10/2018 28/10/2018
  9 am Rose Tully Paul Flynn Alan Kelly Con Lee Rose Tully
10 am (A) John Delorey Anne Osborne Hugh Clancy Seamie Clifford John Greene
10 am (B) Nora Redmond Pam Scanlon Loressa Tymon Carmel Scott John Delorey
10 am (C) Ger Delorey Martin Keville Caroline Brennan Ger Delorey Nora Redmond


NOV Leader Rota 4/11/2018 11/11/2018 18/11/2018 25/11/2018
  9 am Paul Flynn Alan Kelly Con Lee Rose Tully
10 am (A) Martin Keville Seamie Clifford Carmel Scott John Delorey
10 am (B) Anne Osborne Caroline Brennan John Greene Nora Redmond
10 am (C) Pam Scanlon Loressa Tymon Hugh Clancy Ger Delorey


Groups Average speed – kph
  9 am 23 – 27 (Winter pace)
10 am (A) 23-25
10 am (B) 20-22
10 am (C) 18-19


Innisfree Wheelers – (Sligo IT) Sunday Spin Leaders for 2018:


  • Con Lee, Paul Flynn, Rose Tully, Alan Kelly, John Molloy.
  • John Greene, Pam Scanlon, Caroline Brennan, Seamie Clifford, Martin Keville, Carmel Scott,  Geraldine Delorey, John Delorey, Nora Redmond, Loressa Tymon, Anne Osborne, Hugh Clancy.