Lockdown Challenge nearly there!

Hi Everyone,

“We are so lucky to have this (cycling) this to do * this is what was said to me by another member after meeting on the bike on Sunday, We are indeed lucky and congratulations to you all on doing so well and keeping your individual challenge going, some are even exceeding their own expectations.

We must pass on our good wishes to Carmel who had a mishap with her bike on starting out and came down damaging her wrist and will be off the bike for some weeks.

The miles are clocking up and it is so good to see the numbers out on the road.Last Sunday was a particularly beautiful day for the bike and so many wheelers were out.

One and a half weeks to go Cecelia and Rosie lead the way, so keep the good work going.

Hopefully soon we can get back to our groups.

As we finish the Challenge we will have the” Santa Cycle * on Sunday the 6th. Dec,

So let’s all stick together for the run in and the “Santa Cycle* in aid of the Sligo Lions Club Christmas Food Appeal. Why not give Niall a text and put your name down.

If your friends wish to donate there is an idonate site for this. Again good wishes to all.

Some figures Group C. 2424 kilometers Group B 1798 K, Group 9am 1759 K.